Tony Staunton


Company Name: Propertygate

Company Profile:
Propertygate is a web based property management platform. It acts as a single point of entry for institutional landlords & financial institutions to access, view & control their property portfolios. Propertygate provides integrated role based access to key stakeholders in a property portfolio, offering:

– Large international property management companies with multiple properties and property managers
– Financial institutions managing large distressed property portfolios
– Pension funds managing large property portfolios
– Private equity funds managing international mixed commercial and residential property portfolios.

Looking for:
– A single entry point to provide ease of visibility of your property portfolio.
– Standardization & compatibility of information you receive from your property managers;
– To avoid rent arrears & un-let property space and actively manage your portfolio
– Financial and qualitative analytics of your property portfolio;
– An ability to overview performance of property managers managing your properties & the communication with your tenants.