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Docklands Innovation Park on Dublin map: Docklands Innovation Park Hothouse Units within Docklands Innovation Park: building_locations Workshop/Meeting Room locations within Centre Block, Docklands Innovation Park:Room_Map

PARKING – Please note that parking is available at the Docklands Innovation Park on an unallocated basis (i.e. take any space that is available), double parking is possible in marked places however please leave your name and mobile number on your windscreen in case your car needs to be moved.

WiFi Connection – When at Docklands please connect to ‘BoltonTrust’ – if there is a problem with this WiFi network it needs to be rebooted – the router is located here – If it is flashing yellow it needs to be rebooted – ask at Reception for the key to the Lonsdale Room, the device is plugged in at the far end of the room – reboot it by switching it off and back on.

Opening Hours at Docklands Innovation Park

Monday to Friday 5am to 9pm
Saturday, Sunday 9am to 5pm
Bank Holidays Closed

Hothouse Facilitator Resources

Hothouse Facilitator LinkedIn Closed Group

Attendance Sheet for Hothouse New Frontiers

Facilitator Profiles

John McMahon
Mary Goulding
Andrew McNeile
Mary Ryan
Tony Shone
Louise McNamara
Denise Doran

Hothouse New Frontiers 3 – Phase 2 Resources

Objectives and Structure of Phase 2


NF3 Schedules  –  For all events on the programme see NF3 Calendar  – For your Slot based commitments see  Slot booking for Clinics/Interim Reviews (accessible only to participants and facilitators).

Sorry, I couldn’t make it – please let us know when you have been unable to make an 85% attendance required session by completing this short form – Sorry, I couldn’t make it…

Information/News Sharing – New Frontiers 3 Phase 2 Group

Group’s email – Phase 1’s dedicated email address for Hothouse matters –

Hothouse New Frontiers 4 – Phase 1 Resources

Phase 1 NF Programme Participant Agreement (3)

Schedule for the programme – NF4 Calendar

Group’s email – Phase 1’s dedicated email address for Hothouse matters –


Register Your Interest in our next Hothouse New Frontiers Programme here

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Hothouse Alumni Linkedin Group

Hothouse Technology Transfer

New Frontiers Phase 2 Application Form

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Presentations – The 10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint


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